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'sane' receives praise

8 Sept 2023

may's ep has received publicity and high praise from many publications.
some key quotes:

'her oeuvre so far comprises of admissions that feel, through her soulful delivery and cinematic, expansive sonics, as if they’re all her saying them out loud for the first time.' - DIY MAG

'Her recent releases, with her smooth, soft sound are capable of rousing a range of emotions from listeners while weaving, intricate, captivating narratives and feel both personal and universally relatable' - CLOUT

'This deeply personal EP glimmers like a rare piece of sea glass on a busy beach, the resounding emotions expressed throughout will continue to resonate. An ode to vulnerability and introspection and a warm hug to listeners everywhere.' - The Mic Notts

'This EP is a masterpiece that delves into the depths of some subjects that other artists stray away from, narrating the emotional journey of a young woman with raw honesty and vulnerability. 10/10, 100/100 or 1000/1000 — whatever numbers you want to use, it's a perfect project.' - One Love Records

Read more about the record here:

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