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an image of may payne in a photography studio

may payne is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter based in manchester & london

may gained a cult following online at age 14, sharing clips of her singing and insight into her personal life. her outspoken vulnerability formed a sincere, deep connection between her and her audience, and this radical honesty guides her today as she uses music as a form of self-therapy.

may grew up  on a diet of bob dylan and van morrison before diving headfirst into the emo world of my chemical romance and fall out boy throughout her teens, encouraging her to feed raw emotion into her RnB infused ballads. the honesty of piano-led singer-songwriter ballads is grounded within the warmth and power of her top tier live band, adorned with intricate production embellishments reminiscent of the likes of lizzy mcalpine and phoebe bridgers. 
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