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new single 'when you hold me' march 18th

4 Mar 2022

may has announced the release of her first single 'when you hold me'

May has announced the release of her debut single 'when you hold me'.
‘This song speaks vulnerably of an unbalanced relationship where I craved the attention and affection of someone not equally (if at all) invested. Despite knowing the situation was unhealthy and unfair, I just couldn’t bring myself to leave because the small moments of validation kept me hooked – ‘when you hold me, I don’t feel worthy, you make me feel holy, you make me feel whole’.’
The timelessness of these emotions is echoed in the warm live feel of the track, where May’s distinctive vocals are augmented by her own piano playing alongside Alex Bresh on bass, Reuben Savage on guitar, and Gemma Watson on drums. The group of friends have been described as a ‘one-minded, eight-armed unit’, transforming her songs into something truly unique and vibrant.

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