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'when you hold me' receives praise!

1 May 2022

read some of the kind words from reviewers!

a month after it's release, when you hold me has amassed over 10k streams and lots of positive feedback from critics and fans!
'There are a handful of situations and emotions that 99% of everyone who walks this earth will feel in their lifetime by a certain age, and “When You Hold Me” by May Payne captures one of them. It’s that feeling of loving someone so dearly, so intensely and them not reciprocating equally, or at all. It’s a commonality that we don’t like to face, but when put to a song as wonderful as this – the pain of it all is easier to handle than not.' - music & fashion blog
'Apart from her lovely vocals I am very fond of the lush, emotive piano chords which are seamlessly intertwined with smooth percussion and lush guitar plucks that create a warm and intimate atmosphere' -Caeser Live n Loud
'The relaxed, steady drum pattern paired with the jazzy, Peach Pit-esque rhythm guitar, the track becomes beautifully hypnotic. Although, for me, it’s the raspy and honest tonality of Payne’s voice that garnishes this track so well, as she depicts her unrequited affections to listeners.' - The Pentatonic
'May’s highly emotive and softly spoken vocals are at the forefront throughout, whilst R&B infused musicality gentles rumbles underneath' - HRMNY Presents

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